Sunday, 16 July 2017

WALT - Write an Explanation

Angel                                                           2017

WALT - Write an Explanation

Success Criteria:
  • I must use my idea’s in each paragraph.
  • I must use strong Adjectives
  • I must support my details to make it interesting.
Title : How to make the world a better place!!!

Introduction -
The world is a big place, but also known as a giant planet called Earth. To make it a better place we need to lower down our matter’s like for example Animals in danger.

Explanation -
1# Reason
All around the world there are different types of animals, but most of them are starting to extinct throughout a load of years. “Why” well because people are starting to hunt them down or their habitats or homes are being demolished and destroyed.

2# Reason
Another reason is to stop pollution in the sea water and air. So now in days a lot of cars are being produced, but mainly for the future and I get that but it would still leave us and other creatures in danger too.

3# Reason
The ocean is another big place that is filled with wonderful sea creatures, but did you know that they are in danger. Because years ago people started to ship oil to different countries, What they don’t know is that once the ship is in big trouble it sinks and loads of oil starts to come out and while it proceeds coming out it suddenly starts to pollute the area in the ocean which leaves the wonderful creatures nothing at all but polluted water.

Conclusion -
If you care about your environment or the area you live or stay in, then think about how you can change everything for not only you but anyone around you. So think positive and stop pollution.


Richelle @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Angel,
I really like the explanation writing you have written here. I agree that it is bad for people to hunt down animals and destroy their habitat. What things would you change about the world if you could? Keep up the good work.

Memory said...

Hi Angel
I loved the way you used resounds to how to make the world a better place. This story really struck me and i didn't want the story to stop. Good work and nice effort xx :) Mems

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